Infusions of Hibiscus Sabdariffa are traditionally used in the treatment of patients with urinary tract infections, the drink is a mild diuretic and has anti-bacterial properties.

From the information we have gathered most people who tried hibiscus to help with their cystitis derived some benefit from it with 95% of those who provided us with information saying that hibiscus was as effective or more effective than cranberry juice.

We would like to gather more information regarding this property of hibiscus and we are actively seeking your feedback and comments. We have 500 bottles of Simply Hibi Elixir to use a samples, if you are a cystitis sufferer and would like to see if hibiscus is of benefit to you just send your details to us using the ‘contact us’ page of this website, we will send you a complimentary bottle along with a short questionnaire which we would be grateful if you would complete and return.