"words can't even describe how good this tea is..... it is so flavourful"
Sue Corlett

"great product with great health benefits my high blood pressure has come down to normal after only a couple of weeks of drinking two glasses a day"
Mike Welham

"I have found an improvement in my blood pressure since buying and using the stock of the Hibi drink over the past month"
James Doig

"In mid-October, I had a bladder infection which was not fully cleared by three courses of antibiotics. Having read about Simply Hibi in the Sunday Post I tried it and within days the discomfort had disappeared. It is pleasant to take, unlike cranberry, and is more effective for me."

Mrs Eaglesham - Kent


"I am unable to understand why it isn't available everywhere, it's so good"

Mrs Holcombe - Devon


"virtuosly fruity, I'd buy it as a treat"

Natural Health Magazine


"a welcome change from ultra-rich smoothies"

BBC Good Food Magazine


"It's not just ethical though: it also tastes good, a rich, berry flavour with a dryness similar to cranberry or pomegranate, but unusual enough, served chilled, to be an enjoyable alternative to other soft drinks"

Delia Online

"Just wanted to say I have tried other Hibiscus drinks, and not enjoyed them, yours is how I remember Karkaday when I was in Egypt. Loved it!"
Vanessa Stabler